WATCH: Tove Lo Strips Down As She Premieres ‘Timebomb’ Music Video

Swedish pop singer-songwriter Tove Lo has released ‘Timebomb’ as the latest cut to be lifted from her acclaimed debut album.

Whilst her current single ‘Talking Body’ continues to see success as it climbs the charts, the singer has already released the video for her next song, which we just love.

‘Timebomb’ track was co-written by Tove Lo with Klas Åhlund and Alexander Kronlund.


The singer-songwriter told Marie Claire: ” ‘Timebomb’ is about the kind of passionate relationship that can’t last more than one night. It will never get that intense again so it’s a bittersweet song about how amazing that moment is and also that it’s heartbreaking that it won’t last longer. You always start to think about the consequences and whether or not you should go for it or not and the song is about kind of just letting that go and just fucking doing it.”

And on the video: “All the treatments I got in were like, Okay let’s make this a one-night-stand video and make it about sex again, which I’m not against at all but I wanted it to have something more to it. So I wrote my own treatment where I brought in the storyline of the kind of love that can’t last forever because it isn’t allowed to or it’s not socially accepted. Everybody doesn’t have the fortune to be able to love whoever they want and be just accepted so what we did in the video was bring in all of these different couples, different skin colors, different ages, gay couples, everything—all of these people, in our eyes, that should be able to just love each other and shouldn’t be treated any other way. There’s all kinds of passionate scenes with them. And I am in the mix in there, too. I’m from Sweden, and when Swedes watch that video they’re like, Yeah of course this shouldn’t upset anybody, but I also know (and it pisses me off) that it is going to upset people. I want to really make it a clear stamp that this what I think: Everyone should be accepted the way they are and should be able to love whoever they want to love.


Regan Okey


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